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g i r l h a t t a n

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

you say goodbye i say hello

so what's broken on my camera is the zoom.

i can take pictures, but i can't zoom in or out. SIGH.


so friday was world AIDS day and i went to an event at 401 projects hosted by iman with lenny and zoƫ kravitz.

401 projects

401 projects

that happens to be amy smart's back.

401 projects lightbox

401 projects lightbox

401 projects

the exhibit is called bloodline and features absolutely stunning photographs by kristen ashburn. highly recommended - the images are presented on large lightboxes and they're just breathtaking. the show is up for a while, try to catch it.

there was also a silent auction of photographs, all of them amazing, but the price points were too high for lil ol me. hopefully some money was raised, though.

i ran into a few people - my old intern who now works at bwr,


tsuyoshi's aussie pal maria,


and greg, a photographer i met about 5 years ago when we went on a trip to the DC area to shoot boys in unsigned bands... super fun.

saturday i had a mega shopping marathon - bloomingdale's, john derian, and all up and down bleecker st.


sunday night was goodbye naughty nnadi. safe travels!

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