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g i r l h a t t a n

Thursday, December 21, 2006

my new phone has issues.

hey. so as you may know i managed to drop my pebl, destroying the outside LCD. i couldn't tell who was calling, which made me anxious and severely affected my quality of life, because i totally picked up when this stalkerboy i *really* didn't want to talk to called - three times.

so i went to chinatown, where all dreams come true, in a quest to have my pebl fixed. i visited a couple of places and finally found a place where the woman said, sure, drop it off and come back in an hour.

in my phoneless hour i wandered the streets. part of me was sure it would be fixed, part of me was sure that when i returned the store would have closed up shop or turned into a dumpling house and i'd never see my phone again.

i went back and she told me they needed 20 more minutes. i went back again and was told they could not find a part, but would give me a deal on a brand new pebl. i went back and forth for a while but decided a new pebl would be great.

so i got a brand new pebl in a pretty shade of blue.

pebl 2

and it was great until i started pushing buttons and trying to change settings...

pebl 2

my new phone and i have a language barrier.

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Sid said...

Merry Christmas!

Sorry about the Pebl. But i got my nokia to speak english, so your pebster should be able to, too.