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Thursday, January 25, 2007

disco d

one of my fave CDs is a filthy booty bass disc called a night at the booty bar from disco D.

you know they say this is the most depressing time of the year, the post-holiday blues and seasonal affective disorder sets in. or maybe it's something else... in any case, sad news:

It has been revealed that music producer Disco D - real name David Shayman - committed suicide on Tuesday. Disco D was found dead inside his New York home. He was 27.

The hip-hop mixer, whose music was heard on ads for Sprite and Best Buy, had previously worked with rapper 50 Cent on his "The Massacre album" and on the track "Ski Mask Way." The two collaborated together after some of D's mixes landed in the hands of G-Unit's Sha Money XL, who eventually showed the CD to Fiddy.

Other artists he worked with included Trick Daddy and Nina Sky. He also produced K-Fed's flopped song, "Popozao" and listened to various artists.

On his mySpace website, he once wrote, "Before Disco D was even born, I was a fan of all types of different stuff, from The Beatles and Donna Summer to Charlie Parker and John Coltrane to N.W.A. and 2 Live Crew to Pantera, Primus and GWAR. I didn't have any sort of preconceptions about genres, I just was into what impacted me emotionally."

It has been reported that the 27-year-old suffered from depression and had been diagnosed as bi-polar.

Prior to his death, he was working on music for videogames and had a remix for Shiny Toy Guns in the works.

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