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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

last night a bassist saved my life

e bway

say what you will about today's music but it is absolutley impossible to be depressed at a fall out boy show. last night, though technically uninvited, i talked myself into their listening party at retox. once there, the pr contact - very unexpectedly - gave me a ticket to their show, which would start in an hour. so i went.

hammerstein ballroom was already packed with kids. then the lights went out and bon jovi's living on a prayer blasted. and then the band, including bassist and diminutitive heartthrob pete wentz hit the stage and the crowd came alive. arms raised in the air, kids jumping up and down while guitars thrummed and lights flashed. and they were crowdsurfing and touching and whirling, so much energy, so much contact, guys and girls jumping up, hurling themselves at themselves, with complete and utter faith that their peers would catch them, support them, pass them, hand to hand, toward the stage, hundreds of bodies moving as one ocean of life.

over to the side i could see label head LA reid nodding his head, and to my immediate left was rolling stone's joe levy.

it definitely made me happy.

and so, i recommend that you lay down your judgements and just watch the video for "this ain't a scene it's an arms race" by fall out boy. and have a happy wednesday.

yeah i know, apparently in our democratic, separation of church and state nation it's a crime to say "goddamn." whatev.

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