g i r l h a t t a n

g i r l h a t t a n

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

you have to believe we are magic

back in new york... back in the swing of things.

sunday night, 10 pm: i went directly from newark airport to puffy's tavern in tribeca to hang out at the premiere party with the creative team behind superjail, a new show on adultswim. great guys. *love* those guys. then monday was king tee's birthday, and even though we were frenemies for a while, i attended his lovely dinner party at casa de workhorse.

dinner party prep





lucas makes people smile


i've been reading a lot lately. thick fantastical novels back to back.

the alienist - psychological thriller set in seedy turn of the century new york - lots of scenes happen in my neighborhood, on streets i walk down all the time. B+
the electric michelangelo - lush, weird, gorgeously written tale of a boy who grows up by the sea in england and later becomes a tattoo artist in coney island, new york. some passages were so beautiful they literally hurt. A
water for elephants - a 93 year old man in a nursing home recalls his younger days, when he hopped a boxcar on what turned out to be a circus train. rubes, first of may, roustabouts, cooch tent, kinkers - all this colorful circus lingo, plus a mystery and a love affair... B-
the vintner's luck - one night in 1808 in burgundy, france, a drunken grape grower faints and is caught by an angel. he thinks it's divine intervention, but the angel is not what he seems. bizarre, sensual, tragic, erotic, it raises more questions than it answers. B+

if anyone has any book recommendations, please let me know. i like drama, romance, beauty, strangeness, the unexpected, florid/vivid prose, vampires, angels, sex, heartbreak, humor, glitter, glamor, grime, freaks, etc.

sharpie tattoo

sharpie tattoo

track of the day: olivia newton-john - magic (thanks, poo.)

you have to believe we are magic
nothin' can stand in our way
you have to believe we are magic
don't let your aim ever stray
and if all your hopes survive
your destiny will arrive
i'll bring all your dreams alive
for you

track of the night: dirty pretty things - you fucking love it

going to the needled relaunch party tonight... should be fun!


Super Industrial Culture Complex said...

i miss you all dearly. workhorse's play house still smells like passover bacon halal kosher. Ask King Tee. i know what i'm missing.

Anonymous said...

Lia Francesca Block sounds like your kind of author. She writes young adult books, but I think you'll like them anyway. They're basically everything you described.

girlhattan said...

thanks, anonymous.

i love francesca lia block. i've read weetzie bat, goat girls, beautiful boys, the rose and the beast, and necklace of kisses....

but yeah, i know she has new stuff, i should read Ruby.