g i r l h a t t a n

g i r l h a t t a n

Monday, May 07, 2007

this is my united states of whatever, just keep the diamonds in my hair

the ups and downs, the days and nights, we wander through the streets in search of what there is to see and do, we start with 6pm champagne and end with 4am pizza, in between we laugh, we see a cute boy in a hotel window take off his pants, we stop by a lower east side bar and find friends and a huge dog inside, we eat a dragon roll in nolita, we're joined by three more, we hit a dive bar, then a depeche mode/cure party, where we dance to "lovecats", and we're joined by two more, then my brother, the posse grows, we roll deep, down avenue b reminscing about save the robots and the junkyard across the street with the motorcycle sculpture, we head to avenue c and get buzzed into speakeasy, we're fake salsa dancing and playing rollercoaster pinball, smoking under the no smoking sign, and when we change locations, the DJ plays joy division as we step inside and we all go, "i love this song" and sing "love will tear us apart... again," and then there are three more outside and two on the way, and we go to someplace else, we shimmy to destiny's child and share beers, three leave and then four show up, someone throws water and that's the cue to move again, outside on the sidewalk there's a walker and some of us use it to get down the street, then there's a split, we dwindle down to four, we hit the boy bar and the straights find try to find a boy for the gay, then it's pizza time, three with cheese, one without, and then a taxi is hailed and four become three, and we find the walker again and leave it hanging on a scaffolding for someone to find, then on 8th street one turns left and three become two, and after a few more blocks it's my turn to go left, homeward, the place i left 20 hours before. then the weekend begins.

look at me
world journal
baby ruth
essex street
delancey street
bible belter/homo
no standing you are here
what lies beneath

track of the day: liam lynch - my united states of whatever

track of the night: moby ft. debbie harry - new york new york (armand van helden remix)

BONUS! classic track: bobby darin - sunday in new york

video bonus:
new york new york

make me feel good right now
like everything does in this town
lines of snow and popping corks
money, drugs in old new york

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