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g i r l h a t t a n

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

despite all this

despite all this

so recently i wrote to a friend about the power of positive thinking, and claiming the things about you which you cannot change and seeing them as assets instead of liabilities. flipping the script. rebranding yourself, as it were.

for instance: i collect crap. magazines, postcards, club flyers, stickers, etc. my mom calls this being a "pack rat." lately i have pushed back my shoulders lifted my chin and decided - declared - that i am not a pack rat.
i am an ARCHIVIST.

see? see how i flipped that?

similarly - i am not a dreamer; i am a VISIONARY .

i'm not a tease nor a flirt; i am a PHILOCALIST, an AMATEUR AMORIST and an ANTHROPHILE.

i like shoes and shiny purses and glittery jewelry not because i am shallow but because i am an AESTHETE and a CHRYSOPHILIST.

i write and take pictures and swing dance and want to start a punk band not because i'm flakey with an utter lack of focus but because i am a DILETTANTE (pre-18th c. def) with a JOIE DE VIVRE.

see how that works?

as you can tell i'm also a philologist.

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