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Sunday, January 22, 2006

another, another night, another...

famous friends
famous friends

well well well.

another fun and somehow completely insane weekend in girlhattan.

friday there was a party at famous friends hosted by the charming owner, richard famous.

lots of eye candy: super cool t-shirts that you'll never see anywhere else, and the cutest skinniest japanese boys in the tightest jeans, looking at the super cool t-shirts.

after famous friends we went around the corner to baraza for delicious mojitos and a little salsa y reggaeton. i got this don omar/pitbull song stuck in my head - the chant goes: otra, otra noche, otra....

but tma & his peeps were at von, so i headed over there. within moments, i got smacked by a dodgeball message that a friend i hadn't seen in months was in the same bar...

after von i ran into luis @ tom & jerry's and mariela on houston on my way to kush...

and then i ended up back at baraza, where i was sort of hoping to hear that don omar/pitbull track again, but didn't. (otra, otra noche, otra...) i was home by 3am.

saturday i went to see undercrap crapolution, because i'm a sucker for vampire movies, pun intended, haha.

then i met some peeps @ local 138 and cabbed it across the bridge to bembe for mango margaritas, more salsa, merengue, reggae y reggaeton. at some point in the night i even heard "pick up the pieces," now that's a great jam. i was hoping they would play my new fave track (otra, otra noche, otra...) but they didn't.

the night was not without the "dr. ama" as workhorse called it... the DRAMA was an almost-fight and the ejection of one member of our posse from the club. whatareyagonnado? didn't keep me from staying three more hours and dancing the night away.

and now, ladies and gentlemen - click here and listen to the hotness: the don omar/pitbull dile remix.

otra, otra noche, otra...

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