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g i r l h a t t a n

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

wild wednesday

this morning the universe did not want me to go to work. there was a tragedy on the gwb and because of the rain, the power was out in the office. i called my managing editor from the bus station and he told me to go back home.

on the A train i realized i was awake, dressed and out of the house with an entire day stretched before me. weekends i usually sleep late and hang out downtown, but i was already way way out of my neighborhood.

so i decided to go to the museum of natural history.

when i was a kid my parents used to drop us off there for hours at a time, and we didn't need a map - we could get from the hall of minerals to the blue whale or to north american mammals in record time.

today i went to the darwin exhibit, which was really fascinating. this man changed the world with a pen, a journal and a magnifying glass... no electricity or tech gadgets.

you can see a recreation of darwin's study, as well as his notebooks and beetles he captured... he loved beetles (so do i). there were also live animals in the exhibit - turtles, frogs and an iguana.

the gift shop had apothecary jars and writing instruments inspired by the late 19th century. i've been reading oscar wilde lately, so i sort of feel like i keep being drawn to Victorian-era London stuff. but i like it.

more later...

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