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g i r l h a t t a n

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

tv eye

sad tvs

saturday night we were talking about when you would like to live.

as in, another era.

jh said she used to cry that she wasn't a free-lovin' hippie. she was obsessed with the musical hair and stuff like that.

hrh said he liked being alive right now. he's a modern man. but he also likes the men's fashion in the 50s, "like that julianne moore movie, far from heaven. the hats, the dapper suits."

i think i'd like to be a witty coquette in 18th century france, like in dangerous liaisons. yards and yards of silk, feathers in the hair, heaving bosom and so on.

but we all had our visions of another era from movies...
the true sign of 21st century pop-culture obsessed entertainment junkies.

speaking of which, the trailer for the new sofia coppola movie marie antoinette promises some good fashion....

while you are thinking of when you would like to live, why not listen to tv eye, from the velvet goldmine soundtrack?

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