g i r l h a t t a n

g i r l h a t t a n

Monday, January 09, 2006


your conductor

friday my boss and my managing editor asked me to join them for lunch.
they wanted to get away from the office and bitch about "the people upstairs" an so on.
my boss couldn't decide between restaurant A and restaurant B,
but the managing editor mentioned something about restaurant A and they agreed to go to restaurant B.
so we walk into restaurant B.
and there at the table by the door were my boss' boss and six other suits.
the people upstairs, having lunch.

sunday i was looking at silver converse sneakers, and they had a men's 5.5, but i usually wear a 6.5.
i asked the guy if he had a 6.5 and he said he would call the other store down the street.
ten minutes later, he came back and said sorry, they're sold out of size 6.
i said i need a 6.5, not a 6.
(he called again, 6.5 was in stock, so i waited another ten minutes for him to fetch them.)

today an invitation to a cool event was on my desk and i realized i hadn't called with my rsvp.
i decided to call after checking my email.
in my email inbox was a message from the organizers of the event, informing me that the event was postponed until march.

is there a name for this? for when things go oddly askew?


vvoi said...

Maybe not a word, but a sound: skewishhh...
Oh, and have you considered buying the adbusters shoes instead of the converse?

girlhattan said...

i dunno - do the adbusters come in silver?
that was the primary attraction to the converse.

Anonymous said...

I have many days that go awry