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g i r l h a t t a n

Friday, January 20, 2006

it's all good.



there used to be a 99¢ store around the corner from me, on clinton street. then they tore the store down and threw up "luxury" housing. but the storefront was vacant for a while, and i was curious what would arrive. yet another pricey restaurant? a starbucks? a fancy-ass korean deli?

i was relieved when the "clinton supermarket" opened. clinton street needed a good grocery store, and this one wasn't too upscale. in fact, it was more chinatown than lower east side... need soy milk? cereal? toilet paper? they've got it. but they're also ready to take care of all your asian-inpired culinary needs. live eels, live frogs, fish heads, persimmons, chinese cucumbers, bitter melon, and lots of things i have never seen before, and don't know the names of, because the signs are not in english.

the real score at clinton supermarket? macau beer, which tastes pretty damn good - a little sweet - and is priced to move at $4.99 a six pack.

plus, they have the best damn slogan ever:

macau beer.
it's all good.

it's all good : I

look at that face! it's not a smiley face - macau is better than that! macau beer makes you completely indifferent to everything happening around you, so that your mouth strightens out in a general expression of ennui and/or stupor. that's the kind of beer i want to drink.

i took all of these pix on the DL, because i didn't want the nice people at clinton supermarket to notice... but i didn't get the live eels or the live frogs. maybe next time.


Danyel said...

on Clinton in Manhattan? On the LES? Clinton and what?



girlhattan said...


clinton between delancey and rivington - closer to delancey, on the east side of the street. it's brightly lit and looks small from the street, but there's more when you go toward the back....

(i know - we live in the same hood!)

Teddy said...

Thank you for nice comments about our beer. I really appreciate it. If you would like, I will drop off a free case of Macau at TOC on Clinton for you to pick up anytime.