g i r l h a t t a n

g i r l h a t t a n

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

dear network executives and ad buyers,

sad tv

listen. i'm a city girl, and i go out a lot, and i use the awesome DVR. but sometimes i'm home watching TV like any other american.

but i'm not any other american. i'm a working woman of color living in new york. and you need to stop selling me things i have no interest in. are we not living in the future? isn't everyone all about direct marketing?

let me help you help me help myself.

here are the commercials i DO NOT want to see:

- asthma medication commercials

- aarp commercials (screw old people and the social security i'm not getting)

- heartburn medication commercials

- valtrex commercials

- viagra/cialis commercials (please. no more. please.)

- laundry detergent commercials (yawn.)

- car commercials. unless they're in black and white and very stylish with good music so that i almost forget it's a car commercial. (yes, talking to you, jaguar)

- commercials in which a man gives a woman DIAMONDS*

- commericals in which a man gives a woman DIAMONDS but the commercial is really for a credit card (mr suki, akiko, brian - talking to you)*

- commercials for "restaurants" that, because i live in a city with amazing food, i will never ever go to: applebee's, chili's, quizno's.... i would also ban olive garden commericals but my high school boyfriend is in one of them so i won't.

there may be more, i'll keep you updated.


*i'm just too jaded right now

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Sid said...

like the new look! so fresh and so clean. agreed on all counts for the advertising. Hespecially the amex one.