g i r l h a t t a n

g i r l h a t t a n

Monday, November 20, 2006

hope on the half shell

looking back...
trying to remember where i've been, what i've done.

thursday i went to a hugh masekela show and saw harry belafonte.

harry belafonte

friday i saw the new james bond, which was pretty good, i guess...

i mean, daniel craig is a great actor, but he's not classically handsome, and i just wasn't entirely sure he was "bond" enough... bond to me is irresistible, an all-eyes-on-me ladykiller. but on the other hand - it's an origin story, like when you read wolverine #1 or whatever. i enjoyed it, except when i didn't. there's a five minute period in the last third when i was like, GROAN. but still. thumbs up.

saturday i had brunch with poogene and later got a blowout.



straight hair

my straight hair and i joined my mom for dry aged rib eye steak dinner on the upper west side and then i ate late supper - or dinner again - at blt fish's fish shack.

workhorse, poogene and i shared the raw bar seafood combo, aka the tower of power, fell in love with fanny bay oysters and ordered another half dozen of those, with six widow's holes. everything was washed down with a few large sapphire and tonics and a lot of laughing. could not stop laughing. i love those boys.

tower of power seafood combo

tower of power seafood combo

poo poorly lit

poorly lit

after oysters i hopped on the back of workhorse's vespa and we scooted east to have one drink at bao 111 before meeting everyone at speakeasy for more drinks and pool. i was home minutes before 4am.

sundays are for sleeping.

i should have gotten a mani/pedi - my mom magically produced two bottles of the highly elusive and much sought after chanel black satin nail polish.

chanel black satin

well, maybe tomorrow. there's always tomorrow. you never know what could happen.


Jenny said...

Oh. my. god. Where did that Black Satin come from? I did not know that there was a SINGLE BOTTLE left in NYC. I am salivating.....

girlhattan said...

my mom has a hookup @ chanel...

if you really want some, let me know. i'm not sure i need TWO bottles!