g i r l h a t t a n

g i r l h a t t a n

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

nobody's lost but nobody wins

and all this like a message comes to shift my point of view

rivington st

trinket of the day:

coffee & cigarettes ring

obligatory youtube linkage of the day:

a friend in need's a friend indeed,
a friend with weed is better...
a friend with breasts and all the rest,
a friend who's dressed in leather
(old placebo) aka cool shit

they tried to make me go to rehab but i said no, no, no (new amy winehouse) aka hot shit, plus a horn section

faith sfx - oh my
like on david letterman, when he goes, is this anything? and the curtian goes up on something random. i watch this like, i honestly don't know what i'm looking at (or listening to) but it's not bad. it's something. hint: it's high energy grime-y frenetic beatboxing from the uk. for starters.

between the clock change, the darkness, the cold then warm then cold, the post-trip trauma, hormones, the full moon on sunday and intense, severe job dissatisfaction, i'm feeling super low these days. i just want to lie on the floor and listen to the smiths. or sleep by azure ray. over and over.

is there anyone out there reading this?

what do you think my new job should be?

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bunny said...

Dang girl something with some fabutastic, dramatical (1st one made up,second one stolen from flav of love 2) effect to it. Whatever your heart desires, go for it!