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g i r l h a t t a n

Thursday, November 02, 2006

dessert & design

last night i had dinner - and more importantly, dessert - at morimoto.

a few years ago i went to the one in philadelphia (with interiors by karim rashid) and had one of the most exquisite dining experiences of my life: omokase.

the new york location is designed by tadao ando. the food did not disappoint.



morimoto dessert

morimoto dessert

morimoto dinner

random stuff of the day:

ding dong the boobs are gone

have bling will travel

got records? turn vinyl tracks into mp3s

lucite heeled peep toes, gladiator sandals fit for spartacus, obsessively beribboned wedges, mirrored croc kisslock purse and other deliciously wacky spring 2007 accessories you can't afford

method handwash (and dish soap) - packaging by karim rashid

karim rashid DJ table

while i was in LA i saw a guy in a shirt that said GOT LAND? on the front and THANK AN INDIAN on the back. that, my friends, is what i want to wear to thanksgiving dinner. looking for one as we speak.

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