g i r l h a t t a n

g i r l h a t t a n

Thursday, February 23, 2006

another celebrity sighting!

last night i was on kenmare and lafayette, across the street from la esquina -
in that little triangle of no man's land.

i wanted to throw away my gum, but there was a guy in a brown leather trenchcoat and gray fedora sitting with his legs outstretched on a ledge by the garbage can,and he looked shady/homeless.

i approached the garbage can anyway, at which point the guy looked up -
he had twinkling brown eyes, sexy scruff and and earring:
it was colin farrell, on his cell phone.

we made eye contact as i dropped my gum in the can,
and i heard him say "dye tink yer gawnna scars letter?"
which is irish accented english for "do you think you're going to Scores later?"

ew. he's definitely straddling the line between appealing and appalling -
among the other things he's straddling.

still. he's hot. and i did watch his nasty sex tape.

here's the song i can't stop listening to today:
the faint - i disappear


Sid said...

oh, yuck. Why? He's famous. Can't he get some normal girl to booty-clap for him? Does it have to be the pornstars? Is that just a dumb question?

He really needs to just give up on this whole legitimate thespian thing and become the pornstar he clearly wishes to be.


girlhattan said...

i know, i know - and in the sex tape he was definitely doing her without a condom. it's just wrong!

Sid said...

Oh, narst! Oh, ick ick ick.

Not that I'll ever actually have the chance but I am so never going near his peepee!

His unit could be a challenge on Fear Factor!