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Thursday, February 16, 2006

go willie!

pictures from the boozy singles mingling v.d. party are possibly forthcoming. gotta pull myself together. the nametag matching and lock & key games were successful, at least two ladies claim to have met someone they found to be cute. i was so busy hosting, giving out candy and knocking back cocktails that i don't recall if i had fun or not.

but i am really excited about this:

Nelson Unveils 'Gay Cowboy' Valentine"

Willie Nelson chose Valentine's Day to release the gay-themed song "Cowboys are Secretly, Frequently (Fond of Each Other)." The country music icon premiered the track this morning (Feb. 14) on Howard Stern's Sirius Satellite Radio show as it was being made exclusively available via Apple's iTunes music store.

Nelson recorded the song, written in 1981 by songwriter Ned Sublette, last year at his home studio in Perdernales, Texas, around the time he first mentioned it during an appearance on Stern's former terrestrial radio show. The timing of the song's release coincides with a time when the idea of gay cowboys is being discussed throughout the media due to the success of the Academy Award-nominated film "Brokeback Mountain."

Coincidentally, Nelson contributed the track "He Was a Friend of Mine" to the movie's Verve soundtrack, which peaked at No. 54 on The Billboard 200.

"The song's been in the closet for 20 years," Nelson says in a statement released to the Dallas Morning News. "The timing's right for it to come out. I'm just opening the door."

Adding to the track's poignancy is David Anderson, Nelson's longtime tour manager, who revealed his homosexuality to Nelson two years ago.

"This song obviously has special meaning to me in more ways than one," Anderson tells the Dallas Morning News. "I want people to know more than anything -- gay, straight, whatever -- just how cool Willie is and ... his way of thinking, his tolerance, everything about him."

A video "Cowboys are Secretly, Frequently (Fond of Each Other)" will be created by the Broken Lizard comedy troupe ("Super Troopers," "Club Dread") with plans to release it exclusively through iTunes.

i bought the song, which is kind of hilarious.

check out these lyrics:

Well I believe in my soul that inside every man there's a feminine,
And inside every lady there's a deep manly voice loud and clear.
Well, a cowboy may brag about things that he does with his women,
But the ones who brag loudest are the ones that are most likely queer.

Cowboys are frequently secretly fond of each other �
What did you think those saddles and boots was about?
There's many a cowboy who don't understand the way that he feels towards his
Inside every cowboy there's a lady who'd love to slip out.

Ten men for each woman was the rule way back when on the prairie,
And somehow those cowboys must have kept themselves warm late at night.
Cowboys are famous for getting riled up about fairies,
But I'll tell you the reason a big strong man gets so uptight:

Cowboys are frequently secretly fond of each other
That's why they wear leather, and Levi's and belts buckled tight.
There's many a cowboy who don't understand the way that he feels towards his
There's many a cowboy who's more like a lady at night.

willie nelson is pretty damn cool. he also believes in biodiesel, and smokes a lot of pot.

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