g i r l h a t t a n

g i r l h a t t a n

Monday, February 27, 2006

i crossed my fingers
but i didn't beg

yawn, another good weekend.

friday dinner and pomegranate mojitos @ room 18, followed by someone's birthday at sweet & vicious. i prefer sweet & vicious on a warm summer afternoon - when the back garden is empty and you can take a break from the heat of the day with a refreshing gin and tonic. but no matter. ms. chen was forever mackin' and selecting great tunes on the jukebox: lots of prince.




forever mackin'

after s&v it was over to 6s&8s, where there was a little harold hunter memorial party going on; some people i hadn't seen in years...

saturday when the weatherman predicted frigid temps i decided it was blowout time. the lovely domenican ladies on essex street hooked me up with silky straight hair for a fraction of the price i pay when i go to the late night spot in the meatpacking district... it's not the same level of service by any means, but the results are similar.

straight hair

later that night i went to a lovely and sophisticated party in the west village, and then a not so lovely and not so sophisticated party on spring street. saw some straight up hoochies. workhorse was into it, he ♥s booty.

workhorse ♥ booty

sunday i hit bloomingdale's and bergdorf goodman with the woman who gave birth to me. we ate at bg and overheard this guy explain how he prefers to arrive in st. bart's by boat, because flying in is just too scary. one of his companions, a lovely young lady, was wearing giant RL shades while eating, but she lifted them to speak and we saw huge red cosmetic procedure circles around her eyes. ah, new york. you never fail me.

billy @ bg

my brother enjoyed the molten chocolate cake.

song of the day:
i can't stop listening to the faint, so i have to share:

the faint - desperate guys

was it more than attraction and a physical lust?
her loins, my imagination, that first inconceivable touch
that I was planning-er, I mean wishing-uh...
how embarassed I'd been if you knew what I was thinking...

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crocket said...

Holy Shit, you look amazing in that picture with your hair straightened!