g i r l h a t t a n

g i r l h a t t a n

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

sugar, we're going down

sad tv

it's okay to be in love with a thing, if that thing is a band, and that band is the roughstars.

the men of wealth and taste were at nublu last night and i was singing along:
please don't leave me alone...
with your girlfriend

accompanying me was my neighbor and homeslice dj o who baked brownies before the show and was kind enough to share them with me. i love a boy who is good in the kitchen since i do not cook or clean. oh, i used to, but i gave it up. and it feels great!

later dj o and i went to sway where i saw tiny and cute pete wentz of fall out boy sitting in a booth surrounded by girls. if he only knew how much time i spent looking at his picture for work purposes. teenage girls love fall out boy.

the weird thing about last night was going out with straight hair. i feel like people treat me slightly differently. they say, "oh your hair looks fantastic!" and i say, "thank you," but really i am thinking, are you saying it *usually* looks like crap?

hair is so complicated, especially for girls, especially for girls of color. i love my naturally curly hair, but it likes to be air dried or diffused, and since i like to sleep more than i like to dry my hair, i often leave the house with it half wet. but that's not an option when the temp drops below 32 degrees. so i get the blowout, and it lasts about a week, and i don't have to worry about getting puh-neu-monia. but i do start feeling like i should dress fancier, i do feel more "done" and i don't feel *exactly* like myself, i kind of feel like the newscaster version of myself, sort of sophisticated/snotty/haughty. and it's fun. but to me, curly hair seems more casual, more earthy, more bubbly, more free, a little wild, sort of liberated. curly hair's not trying to prove anything, not trying to hide anything.

but at the end of the day, it's just hair, it's on the surface, it's not that deep. i'll wash it by the end of the week and everything will be normal again.

if you care at all, you can watch the fall out boy video here.


Sid said...

Ah, the hair. I feel *exactly* the same way. Sometimes I think people respond so strongly to the blowout becuase it is such a dramatic change (and it is--my hair is as curly as yours and I rarely cut it, so it's usually big and dishveled) and sometimes i think it is because I make more effort to look nice when I've got a blowout.

girlhattan said...

yes. i also didn't mean to sound so whiny - of course i love any kind of compliment!