g i r l h a t t a n

g i r l h a t t a n

Friday, February 10, 2006



i was on my way to a gallery party on spring street last night when it happened.

i got off the F at broadway lafayette, dawdled inside of otto toosi plohound (shoes on sale!) for a minute, then turned the corner on to prince street.

as i walked east on prince street, i noticed a tall guy crossing the street towards me, between the parked cars.

he was smoking, and as he stepped up onto the sidewalk in front of me, i saw that it was BENICIO DEL TORO.

i stopped breathing, and i think i stopped walking, too - he just kept going and got buzzed into a building next to the tibetan store.

the subject of my stencil project, the man i love taking pictures of when he's on the TV, my "second husband."

benny the bull.

he looked really good. he is so tall, and chiseled, and rough-and-tumble...

le double sigh.

i'm sorry, johnny, you were my number one, i've loved you since i was 16, but you've got a waif/wife and there's just no beating the bull. he's the only one for me.


Danyel said...

he is a sexy beast, ain't he?

jessica said...

just found your page after googling mr del toro and i have to give you mega, mega props for having stellar taste

you are officially off the damn hook

Sid said...

You...saw...benecio? IN THE FLESH?

I have got to move out of the UWS. I only ever see soap stars. F*ck!

Anonymous said...

you should have said something to him... let's get married would have been a start