g i r l h a t t a n

g i r l h a t t a n

Sunday, October 01, 2006

going with the flowing

friday i skipped boxing to hang out in a friend's apt on 10th street with some peeps. we drank red wine, laughed a lot and watched some ballet warm up DVDs.

we left the apt and hopped around from star bar (lame and very gay) to the annex (lame and sort of dance-y) to anything goes (great music, too crowded) to kush (a round on the house) to the urge (gold thongs on ripped go-go boys) and finally ended up at lit. the dirtydown boys were turning it out. some guy was singing live and playing his keyboards right there on the dancefloor, it was a live electro freestyle new wave dance party and the sweat dripped. he did a cover of "big time" by peter gabriel. then later the DJ was swicthing between stuff like jay-z's "big pimping" and talking heads' "burning down the house." it was hard to drag myself off of the dancefloor, but i walked home feeling tired and satisfied.

saturday i went to see the science of sleep, which was surreal, multilingual, weird, sweet, awkward and sometimes beautiful. and after the movie we walked over to deitch projects to see the surreal sets and props from the movie. i wish i had a stuffed felt typewriter with buttons for keys.

later i was over at a friend's house and he revealed that he had a special guest @ the party: michael jackson. so mj and i had a photo shoot.

please note the glitter mitten.


MJ glitter mitten



then michael chiklis joined, and things got weird.

michael jackson and michael chiklis

michael jackson and michael chiklis

walking home fairly sober at about 3am, i saw lots of drunk drama on houston street...

- a guy carrying his girlfriend to the subway station over his shoulder, her arms and head flopping against his back.

- two girls arguing:
girl 1: i was there! i was there!
girl 2: it's over.
(she walks away)

- a girl running to the corner of lafayette and houston, to vomit uncontrollably in the trash can

- two gay abercrombie boys arguing as they walked in sync:
boy 1: i've never felt like this before. you've ripped my heart out. and destroyed it.
boy 2: (just keeps walking, silently)

sunday brunch at clinton street baking.

it's october. ready or not.

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