g i r l h a t t a n

g i r l h a t t a n

Thursday, October 19, 2006

this is what goes on

girlhattan: i should be a jewelry designer in my next life
girlhattan: or a male model casting director
poo: totes
poo: I should be a fluffer

girlhattan: xtina video for "hurt" on TRL today - premiere
my girl james: pretty song
girlhattan: i love it
girlhattan: i love the song
girlhattan: the video could have been a little less literal but whatev
my girl james: lol
girlhattan: more freaks would have been nice
girlhattan: i mean
girlhattan: if you're gonna do circus
girlhattan: but that's just how i roll
my girl james: totes
girlhattan: ok so joseph texted me the other night
girlhattan: but i was out
girlhattan: then today i saw something about old skool graffiti, which was his life growing up - anyway, i sent it to him
girlhattan: he wrote
girlhattan: thanks sweetie
i love that you still think of me
all white and old like i am
but you know i know whats up
I think of you everytime i drive over that damn bridge
I look at your bldg and smile at you
I mean that
come visit me in bklyn
its getting cold and perfect for ordering take out

my girl james: mmm
my girl james: nice
my girl james: sweet, kinda hot
girlhattan: def
girlhattan: i would totally order in and make out w him
my girl james: totals
my girl james: order some make out
my girl james: i mean take out
girlhattan: LOL
girlhattan: wait
girlhattan: can i order make out?
girlhattan: that would be AWESOME
girlhattan: i need to find a way to merge the model casting and the make out take out
girlhattan: into one business
my girl james: it sounds awesome

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