g i r l h a t t a n

g i r l h a t t a n

Monday, October 23, 2006

i'm the deepest kind of shallow, subtlety is not my forté, no tickey no laundry and other catchphrases

so friday i took the day off.

instead of staying in bed as is my wont, i got up and out. went for a run, went to the drugstore, had lunch uptown with mom.

later i went to see marie antoinette at chelsea clearview cinemas. i hadn't been to the movies in the gayberhood in a while. so many guys! so clean cut, well-dressed, clear-eyed, kissing each other and giving bear hugs! everyone knew everyone. and it was like a party, because there was pink cake in the lobby and a raffle to win a CD of the soundtrack in the theater. yay chelsea!

after the movie i headed over to speakeasy on ave C to meet richard famous and his friend in town from copenhagen. i was calling the friend the great dane, but not to his face, haha.

we moved on to lit, where jahcoozi played and then dj ayers was spinning the hot ish. workhorse, king tee, dj o and others were in the house, and i ran into a cutie from the past and exchanged digits. yay friday!

saturday i ran some errands and then met workhorse & cornelius for a 3:35 showing of the departed. go scorsese! he crafted an intricate, taut, freight train of a film. twisty goodnes. this might be retro, like so 90s, but that leo di caprio is a STONE COLD FOX. it had to be said.

later saturday i rolled out to d&g's going away party, then up to j&J's joint birthday jam, and then back to the d&g thing. lots of magazine people. i was fully aware that i was in the vicinity of employed. age-appropriate single men, as opposed to the borderline homeless twentysomethings i'm usually eyeballing. it was fun.

poogene joined and we danced to violent femmes. oh! 90s are the new black?

from that party we ended up in a dive bar on houston and mott, and then kush, where nnadi was missing, and then 4am belgian waffles on 2nd ave.

keep your eyes peeled for the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse, because sunday i went on a real live date. drinks, dinner and a movie (the prestige)... it was bleeding awesome. god mighty aphrodite i hope i do it again.

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