g i r l h a t t a n

g i r l h a t t a n

Friday, October 06, 2006

it's not the heat, it's the toxicity

ignore this text

so today i had to write the words i'm sorry i bit you in an IM.

last night i went straight from work to saifee hardware in the east village where hrh helped me pick out some silver spray paint for a project i'm going to try and work on this weekend. buying spray paint felt so delicious. i totally wanted to run out of the store and tag up something, anything. but i didn't.

then i went to have the hooves and claws done, a lil mani pedi for a black tie thing i'm going to tonight. the downtown girl at the uptown party; i chose black nail polish. again.

afterwards, hrh and i went to kelly & peng on the bowery where we ordered the "scorpion bowl."

if i can remember correctly, this drink contains:
dark rum
light rum
assorted fruit juices
maraschino cherries

it arrives at the table in a bowl that is sort of shaped like a volcano - and the crater at the top of the volcano contains a shot of rum, and the rum is ON FIRE. and down around the base of the mountain is a liquid moat of delicious poison. we drank it all and then ate a bunch of the cherries that were sitting on the bottom.

by the way, the space upstairs is gorgeous.

next we went had a round at von and met up with nnadi and jaime and my brother, then i dunno, we went to visit someone at snitch, but then i ran into a former flame and his new girlfriend and i felt like i had to leave "due to the sitch at snitch."

after the snitch sitch we lost a few people but ended up at lit, where workhorse and poo joined us. by this time i'd added a few gin and tonics to my scorpion's sting. and that's when i bit poo.

captain ahab was on the dance floor. and i know i wasn't just hallucinating him, because my brother, who doesn't drink, text messaged me, check out capt. ahab. and then i looked at my brother, and he pointed behind me, and i saw the captain. and then my brother said, "call me ishmael."

here's how i'm medicating my hangover:
- bagel with butter and jelly
- quart of water
- snapple plum-a-granate iced tea
- chop me up

more later.

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