g i r l h a t t a n

g i r l h a t t a n

Monday, March 05, 2007

bits and pieces, mittens and valium

i've fallen behind. somewhat. but i think i can just hit the lowlights, and move on.

reebok party

reebok party

reebok party

reebok party

reebok party at culture club. hosted by downtown julie brown, whom i used to love. they'd hired breakdancers and rollerskaters, but the best was this old dude who was totally grinding on julie. i was so shocked i couldn't take a picture.

julie brown still looks pretty hot, by the way. wubba wubba wubba.



later i had drinks at milano's, i've been going there a lot lately.

workhorse brought this guy i'd been in 8th grade with but could not remember. i felt bad. i felt even worse when i found out that he's married now. damnit.

weekly special!

later we met up with kingtee and ayana and this somali chick from sweden and had japanese fried and grilled crap on st. mark's at like 2am.

friday i was sick and missed the last ever dirty down @ lit. shiznit.

saturday i spent all day trying on bridesmaids dresses and watching my friend try on wedding dresses. i will spare you those pictures. after about 3 hours in a bridal store you're pretty much over ever seeing a floofy white dress again. i'm convinced that if i ever get married i'll just stop in bloomingdale's or H&M on my way to the rooftop photo studio and pick up something vaguely white and super cheap. i'm just not the vera wang kind of girl. it's all about the party anyway, am i right? oh... but i would like to wear a huge feathered headdress like a carnival dancer. hmm. this plan needs work. and a fiancé.

zen palate - tired brother

sunday i had dinner with the fam.


this is typical behavior for my sister.

{happy belated birthday, has!!!}

she's off to peru now, i'm hoping she brings me back mittens and valium. i lost the super warm llama hair mittens i bought in peru.

i need mittens. and valium.

if i ever have a punk rock band we're totally going to be called mittens and valium.

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