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g i r l h a t t a n

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

crew cut

{random rant.}

j. crew is preppy, this we know.

they've got the nantucket/west palm beach/connecticut simple-but-chic look on lock.

if you need khakis, a rugby, or something embroidered with tiny lobsters, they deliver. and i've always felt despite their "hey, isn't it great to be wealthy and go BOATING" photo shoots, they do try to pretend to be all-inclusive, occasionally having older models and black models. the guys are always cute, in a rugged, i'm-sort-of-involved-in-the-restoration-of-my-country-house way. this new catalog even features the delectable kelly rippy , le sigh.

and sometimes i like preppy. sometimes preppy can be functional, work-appropriate or cool when worn with rock/hip hop twists. so i like j. crew.

but there's one thing i have always noticed about j. crew, and it's becoming more and more obvious: they really and truly design their clothes for flat chested women. they don't want chicks whose cups runneth over wearing their stuff!

i first noticed it years ago with their swimwear. they never used to have any suits with shelf bras. it was a situation i monitored carefully. now they've added one or two, but they still love to make teeny tiny triangle tops, and dresses with empire waists but teeny tiny bodices with teeny tiny cups. and to really drive this point home, in the new catalog that just arrived in my lower east side hovel, they had an asian model, so freakin' flat chested it was like whoa.

i guess big racks are not allowed in the country club.

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