g i r l h a t t a n

g i r l h a t t a n

Monday, March 12, 2007


killer icicles

if i told you that i stood under these killer icicles in the subway station, praying that one would fall and stab me in the jugular or chest or somewhere fleshy so that i could sue the MTA and retire in seychelles, would you believe me?

photo shoot

photo shoot

if i told you that i had a disastrous photo shoot on friday the likes of which drove me to drink, would you judge me?

workhorse fur helmet

if i told you that my vegetarian/veterinarian sister bought a fur-covered helmet for around $18 (the price tag is still inside) at a thrift store in palm desert and gave it to me when we met up in vegas about 5 years ago but it hadn't been worn until workhorse discovered it in my apt and fell in love with it, would you think that was odd?

upstairs @ kelley & ping

upstairs @ kelley & ping

matt & kate





km & poo



if i told you that i was in charge of throwing a party and it turned out fairly well, pretty freaking fun actually, despite the fact that we blew up 3 out of 4 speakers, would you think that was a swell accomplishment?

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