g i r l h a t t a n

g i r l h a t t a n

Thursday, March 01, 2007

a merry old soul...

the evening started at the king cole bar in the st. regis hotel. the bloody mary was invented there.

st. regis hotel - king cole bar

i had one single solitary gin and tonic in the warm, wood-paneled lounge. on my way to the loo, i thought to myself, i love hotels. i want to live in a hotel. i want to get a small dog and live in a hotel. then i realized that i've wanted those things since i was five years old and read eloise. some desires never change.

st. regis hotel - king cole bar

we went to the bowery ballroom to see younglove, my new favorite. the crowd was energetic, dan keyes sounded great and we danced, danced, danced. he is so so dreamy. with his dance moves, and his floppy hair. i think i've posted it before, but please watch his video here. the whole CD is great, by the way.

young love @ bowery ballroom

did i mention he is super CUTE???

some of us took his posters off of the walls.

post-younglove cocktails at sweet & vicious.

bathroom of sweet & vicious

sweet & vicious

i was home by midnight, i swear.

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Afroblanco said...

Interesting that you would mention wanting to live in a hotel. Just last night, I read this post on ask.metafilter.com, where someone was asking for information on how to do exactly that.